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Images of the Horse

Horses are a major part of my life. I live on a property near Melbourne in Australia. We have a few horses and I love to draw and paint them, to try and capture their beauty and depict them in as much variety as I can

Creating Images

I work predominently in watercolour, but also create in oils and acrylic. I am interested in most facits of the equine experience, including racing, dressage, showing, etc. Or just the beauty and nobility of a horse standing in a sunlit field. I like to create images from imagination in a minimal impressionistic style, through to highly realistic portraits of horse and rider in oils.

Contact Information:

Michael James Wilkin
160 Horneman Road
Gisborne South. Australia, Vic. 3437

Work Phone: 61 3 97447959
Home Phone: 61 3 9744 1787
Fax: 61 3 97441787
E-mail: mikewilkin@bigpond.com

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