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Watercolor , Pencil and Photography

I am a watercolorist and pencil and photographic artist. I graduated from Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City,TN in 1983. I draw and paint landscapes and biological abstracts. I love the symbol of the stationary tree, but reaching out to the world around it. My artsite is http://members.home.net/cuanda/index.htm

Artist at Large

I have not found a productive artist group in my area that reaches out to other artist. I hope to find a group one day that is lead by artist. I desire to be a part of other artist lives.

Contact Information:

Michael L Krooss
P. O. Box 27233
Knoxville, TN 37927

Work Phone: 865-588-1407
Home Phone: 865-384-8206
Fax: none
E-mail: artist4you2@home.com

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