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Stricken with a need to remember

Like many artists, it seems I was born with a need to create. My bedroom walls suffered from my self expression mightily. In 1999, I suffered a stroke that, among other things, left me partially blind in both eyes. Suddenly my latent artistic leanings forced their way out. I was driven to record everything I saw. As other artists know, once one has studied a thing enough to record it's image, that thing is never forgotten. I painted my husband, my children, my pets, my garden. As I record what I can still see, my technique and what I love and am drawn to is better refined. I look forward to continuing my growth as a painter. My hope is that what I create helps those who look at it better appreciate the beauty around them.

Contact Information:

Mary Celesta Morgan
PO Box 81
Littlerock, Wa 98556

Work Phone:
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E-mail: MaryCelestaMorgan@artistsnetwork.com

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