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Light: Reflection, Transparency and Shadow

Light and Beauty

Mary Gregg Byrne is best known for her still life watercolor paintings featuring reflection and transparency. She also paints portraits and landscapes. The element connecting all these subjects is an emphasis on light. She says: "I love the beauty of watercolor. It is alive. Watercolors create with the artist, as well as the artist painting with them. The transparency of watercolor is a joy to me because I am interested in painting light. Watercolor allows this. I paint sunlight on a child's hair and windowlight refracting through crystal. I value beauty in a painting because so much of life is ugly. Sometimes my paintings are a retreat from the world. In the studio, color and light become a meditation for me. I hope that my paintings can offer the same to others: a moment of trsanscendance, a place of light and beauty.

Current and Recent Shows and Honors:

Mary's work s valued for it's beauty of imagery and color, sensitivity, and subtle humor. It is acclaimed by collectors and watercolor lovers throughout the United States. Original paintings, prints and cards are available. Mary also teaches workshops in watercolor panting. Please contact us for current information.

Contact Information:
Changing Lght Art Works
Mary Gregg Byrne
1018 15th Street
Bellingham , WA 98225

Work Phone: 360-676-1413
Home Phone: 360-676-1413
E-mail: marygreggbyrne@aol.com

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