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You will find: my paintings and drawings and those of other artists; watercolor paintings, pencil, pen, and ink wash drawings; my sketch services based on your photographs; originals and limited edition prints available for sale, and other information enlightening, educational and entertaining to artists and art lovers alike, including my bio and statement; an education section; midis for your listening pleasure; artistic, inspirational and motivational quotes, and links and rings to art and a variety of other sites. Also hosted here is the Idaho Watercolor Society North Above North home page showing watercolor paintings of member artists.

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Web page design, publishing, hosting, maintenance, and promotion. Specializing in web sites related to visual arts, art instruction, art resources, and virtual galleries for individual artists and organizations. Nature intended me for the passionate pursuit of art by rendering art as my greatest delight. It is the rapture of this pursuit that is my prize.

Contact Information:
Martin A Knapp
P.O.Box 2953
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-2953

Work Phone: 208-667-6669
Home Phone: 208-667-6669
E-mail: makart@makart.com

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