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Giclée prints of luminous watercolors are presented on this artist's site. The exquisite use of color charges the paintings with the sensation of being lit from within. The subject matter ranges from a still life of marbles to landscapes and flowers.      

Artist's Statement

A professional artist for 30 years, Najakas’ work is included in corporate, museum as well as private collections. Her unique use of watercolor to capture light makes her paintings glow from within. The sensitive use of color with a strong underlying composition draws in the viewer. The work is about what is left out rather than what is put in. The multiple glazes produce an effect that has been difficult to reproduce as a print.With the advent of Iris/Giclée printing the reproductions have all of the subtle nuances of the original art and are virtually indistinguisable from the original. Her work is featured in Splash 5 The Best of Watercolor Artists 1999, Splash 6 The Best of Watercolor 2000 and the Encyclopedia of Living Artists . Represented by the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York, and Christopher August Editions in California. Her paintings have been exhibited in national competitions. She is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society.

To see my paintings please visit my website,

Watercolor Art

Contact Information:

Marlies Merk Najaka
241 C.P.W.
NY, NY 10024

Work Phone: 212 580-0058
Home Phone:
E-mail: najaka@att.net

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