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Mark Carter Staples

Mark Carter Staples is a self-taught, full-time artist who has traveled extensively and resided in several locales, who describes himself as a "Southerner by Choice". The most vivid recollections of his youth are of days spent in the forests and townships of rural southern Virginia. Though his interest in painting did not materialize until 1987, at which time he made his first attempts to paint, his inherent abilities and meticulous craftsmanship developed a determination to express observances seen and felt, with meaning. Over the years Staples’ paintings have been seen in numerous one-man gallery shows and group exhibits, plus juried national and regional exhibitions including "The Center for the Four Arts" in West Palm Beach, FL, and the "Southeastern Spectrum" in Winston-Salem, NC. Additionally his work is also found in numerous private collections from Puerto Rico to New England. He is represented in his home town of Richmond, VA by Carytown Fine Art Gallery. Every subject is very personal for Staples in both selection and execution. As the work progresses, the artist’s relationship with the subject develops and a uniquely personal story begins to evolve. This results in a certain peace and serenity to his works, but there creeps in from time to time a little whimsy, occasionally in mild puns in the titles as related to the works. His finished works are not loose and spontaneous in execution, as is often the case with water-based media. Instead, his carefully controlled technique builds layer upon layer, providing luminosity and depth. Since early in his development as a contemporary artist, Staples has looked to the work of 19th and early 20th century American realists to provide inspiration and stylistic foundation. From these influences he has forged his own distinct artistic sensibility. His work fits squarely within the tradition of American realists.

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An American Art Tradition

"I continually strive to capture the ordinary world around me and infuse my paintings with drama, importance, and the magic found in nature…such is the force which nurtures my work. This emotional sustenance from a place results from the deep attachments I develop for the beauty I encounter when visiting certain regions and their inhabitants."

Contact Information:
Mark Carter Staples
8008 Carriage Lane
Richmond, VA 23229

Work Phone: 804-288-8770
Home Phone: 804-673-0512
Fax: 804-288-8770
E-mail: staplesart@erols.com

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