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After pursuing Art studies at The Ohio State and Kent State Universities, Marcia studied under some of the finest artists in the field. Marcia has incorporated into her art all that she has learned and has acquired a unique style of her own. Her watercolors have a soft mood that is pleasant to the viewer,and through her art ,she has found a place for her soul to live. Marcia currently teaches Watercolor workshops and seminars throughout the country.Marcia's work has been published with major greeting card companies.

Recent and Future Shows ,Exhibits,and Workshops

"Finding a place for my soul to live"

My ultimate goal is to bring joy to my viewers,a better understanding of this wonderful medium to my students,and to be forever learning. Painting for me was finding a place for my soul to live. I hope you enjoyed my page.

Contact Information:
" Watercolor Originals"
Marcia A Moses
5101 Summitview Circle
Canton, Oh 44708

Work Phone: (330) 478-1520
Home Phone: (330)478-1520
E-mail: www.mosesart@neo.rr.com

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