Watercolor Online

Art by Lynne Hollingsworth

A Dream Fullfilled...

Too often, people live their lives blind to the beauty that surrounds them. Perhaps they are chasing rainbows, but have never actually looked at one. Artists have the desire, the passion, in fact the duty, to illuminate those rainbows for others to experience. It may be the rainbow of a spider's web, seemingly insignificant; it may be the grandest rainbow ever seen in the endless skies. Both are food for the soul. In producing works of art and in evolving as an artist, I am learning more about my world and my passion every day. I learn to see and appreciate. I learn to share with vulnerablity the emotions that lie within me. It is a pleasure and a pain, but necessary either way. I only hope to enrich someone's momentary passage through my sphere of life, for to produce work always enriches me.


I hope you enjoy my constantly evolving work. I have enjoyed creating it.

Contact Information:

Lynne Alexander Hollingsworth
RR# 2
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, P1H2J3

Work Phone: 705-788-3593
Home Phone: 705-788-3593
Fax: 705-788-3594
E-mail: mediawks@sympatico.ca

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