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Lúcia Laqua - Brazilian Artist

Fine Contemporary Art

Lúcia Laqua artwork is based on watercolor contemporary figures with a particular and very original style. The watercolor artworks from Lúcia Laqua at the observer point of view are pure color energy. The intensity and harmony of the colors give to the artwork a vibrant and happy characteristic at the same time. The main objects in Lúcia's work are fabrics shown bent, threw, twisted, tied, or simply resting over it. The power of the colors tied with the lines and the geometry composition of the Lúcia's watercolor lead us to feel the volume expression, the splendor light, the delicate shadows and the weightless in each picture. The delicate and precise treatment done in each line and geometric form, as well as the light of each color, allowed us to follow the artist in the world of the feelings, surrounding each observer in a evolving mystery. Lúcia Laqua has her name in the famous Brazilian Júlio Louzada catalog and due to her expressive participation in the tied art circle in Brazil her name will appear in the next edition of the "Brazil Plastic Arts Dictionary". Lúcia has been participating in solo exhibition very frequently in the last years, and participate in a large number of Contemporaneous Art Expositions.

Visit my homepage: www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4839/

Contact Information:

Lucia Laqua
Rua dos Salgueiros, 98 - Demarchi
Sao Bernardo do Campo, SP 09820-560

Work Phone: 55-11-753-7132
Home Phone: 55-11-753-7132
Fax: 55-11-741-6843
E-mail: bazarin@amcham.com.br

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