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History Louis Olivencia, was born in N. Y. C. on Oct. 14,1955. he studied in the U.S.A. and specialized in Fashion, and design. In 1975, he went to Berlin to work as a Fashion Designer. At this point Mr. Olivencia started to paint because he was fascinated by Europe as a new world to explore with its exuberant alchemy of color. The love he has for Klimt's art the prerafealites, the art-deco movement, miniatures, and the realism of American art shows through in his paintings. He works with Gouache and gold powder pigment, to achieve the translucency needed in his work. he has made Ferrara, Italy his home base since 1979, but moves about frequently due to engagements.

Professional profile


I thankyou so much for visiting this web page and hope that my work has left a little joy in your thoghts.

Contact Information:
Louis Ernest Olivencia
v. Brasavola 22
Ferrara, FE 44100

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 3383222085
E-mail: louisernesoliv@tiscali.it

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