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Liza Francisco - Abstract Watercolor


Resigned from the work force to give birth. Experience created roots for interest and passion to paint. Love for water inspired the choice of watercolor as medium. Foundation of colors and abstract designs in paintings, used to express the unspoken joy and exhilaration of motherhood. A self-taught artist, Liza Francisco, began painting March 1999. Joined The Art League, November 1999. Artwork, entitled "Stained Glass Tree" selected for the Art League "All Media Small Works and Printmaking" juried show competition, November 1999. December 1999, one-artist show at the Broadway Gallery in Alexandria, VA. Future vision to raise funds and establish an orphanage.

Titles of some of my artwork:

Please visit my website at http://members.theglobe.com/lfrancisco/. I hope you'll enjoy browsing through both my Collection I and Collection II paintings. Thank you.

Contact Information:

Liza Francisco

Alexandria, VA

Work Phone: (703) 379-4781
Home Phone:
E-mail: lfrancisco@theglobe.com

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