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Watercolors of Tan Leong Kheng

About The Artist

A professional artist, Leong Kheng paints exclusively in watercolors. Most of his works are landscapes or cityscapes of Singapore and its neighbouring countries. Be it tiny fishing villages or modern skylines, he always manages to capture the essence of Asia. The artist travels extensively and participates actively in both the local and regional art scene. Leng Kheng is a member of the Singapore Watercolor Society and the Singapore Art Society.


Images On-Line

To view a selection of the artist's watercolors, please visit http://www.geocities.com/leongkheng

Contact Information:

LeongKheng Tan
148, Tampines Ave 5.
Singapore, 521148

Work Phone:
Home Phone: +65 7811910
Fax: +65 7811910
E-mail: leongkheng@yahoo.com

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