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Leonardo Pereznieto´s fine watercolors

Leonardo Pereznieto´s exquisite sculptures and paintings play upon our disavowed dreams, sensibilities and longings to persuade us to return to some of the romantic ideals and motifs that modern art has, for the most part, forsaken. Romanticism, but with a difference. His art couples a nostalgia for romanticism with an acute sense of the needs of modernity. Professor Claudia Moscovici University of Michigan

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You are welcome to visit Leonardo Pereznieto´s personal site: www.leopereznieto.com

Contact Information:
Leonardo Pereznieto
Colina 47
Mexico, D.F. 11910

Work Phone: 55 70 28 14
Home Phone: 55 70 28 14
E-mail: leopereznieto@hotmail.com

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