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Leon Rzewnicki, Watercolorist

Lee was born in Connecticut. After finishing high school, he studied art at the Whitney (Paier) School of Art in New Haven,Connecticut, the Columbus School of Art in Columbus, Ohio, and Hartford Art School in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Although his art career choice was in the field of Graphic Art and Advertising Design, the love of watercolor was always evident in his work. It has been his primary choice whenever an advertisement called for an illustration. Lee now resides in Florida where he pursues watercolor painting as a full-time career. View some examples of his floral, landscape, still life and marine paintings by linking to his on-line gallery:


Contact Information:

Leon Rzewnicki
PO Box 1153
Deerfield Bch, FL 33443

Work Phone: (954)428-9292
Home Phone:
E-mail: leerez@attbi.com

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