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Lelija Roy Trailscapes in Watercolor

Art is essentially energy translated into paint. The degree of realism or abstraction doesn’t matter. My work combines emotional response with intellectual contemplation of the natural world. Light, color and form—that’s all there is.

My paintings find me. They are scenes where the artist’s eye demands a stop, an investigation and an attempt to capture of this source of inspiration to begin to paint.

My work combines an impressionist painting style with calligraphic brush strokes. Viewed at a distance--you have a recognizable if not representational scene. But come closer to get lost in the abstraction of fragmented color.

I welcome you into this world!


"Put Your Best Foot Forward" the Colorado Watercolor Society's Member Show--April 6 through May 30

To see work on display, check out http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/lelija-roy.html

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