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Artist, photographer Kim Rowlett info

Noted artist,photographer Kim Rowlett has been noted in Who's Who of American Women twice, and currently in Who's Who in America for the fourth time. This includes notations of photography, as well as art, in the 2002, in 2003, and 2004 editions. Kim works with a variety of medias in the artwork she produces, including oil pastel, charcoal, oils, and of course watercolors and acrylics. Kim is continuing to explore concepts artistically related to genetic coding (or patterns)as well as how patterns or codes relate to spirituality (i.e The Bible Code). Having been intrigued by media reports related to those topics, Kim has completed a series paintings related to those concepts. As a photographer Kim does both 35 mm color and black & white photography (prints and transparencies).After many years of being involved/working with the media of photography, Kim still particularly enjoys the straight forward techniques involved with nature/outdoor photography done with a manual camera. Often going on backwood "safaris", Kim works with the spontaneous, changing conditions, whatever they may be, that contribute to each photo taken. Silky, cottony spider webs heavy with morning dew, snakes, turtles, and delicate wild flowers such as Queen Annes Lace and Black Eyed Susans are only a few of her subjects. She also manipulates black & white prints via handcoloring. As an investigative photojournalist, Kim has also supplied an informative, exposing set of visual aids to citizens of an area in rural Tn., who are concerned about a power facility to be placed in their area. For more information on Kim's work please contact AVA in Chattanooga Tn. at 423-265-4282 or VSA in Washington DC at 1-800-933-8721. Kim is also Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers. Black and White (handcolored photographs)Poster prints are available on Kim's site in her new "collectibles shoppe", which also includes both a gallery, and a Museum. http//film_ntdphotog.tripod.com/

Some of Kim's exhibits including both art & photography:


Artist,photographer Kim Rowlett is of Cherokee Indian and European descent. She is a Native Tennessean, and enjoys activities/hobbies such as ethnic cooking/dining, fishing,and gardening. She and her family enjoy watching videos and DVDs together with tastes ranging from cartoons to wartime epics. Kim continues to pursue her art and photographic interests living in Tennessee. COPYRIGHT 2004 Kim Rowlett.All rights reserved.

Contact Information:
Blazing Star Photographics
Kimberly Jayne Rowlett
P.O. Box 131
Apison, TN 37302

Work Phone:
Home Phone:
E-mail: kimberlyrowlett@yahoo.com

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