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Art by Kim Foster

Brief Background:

Kim Foster works in a variety of media: oil, pencil, watercolor, color pencil, charcoal, ceramics, jewelry design, bead weaving, ink, and even digital media such as photography, web design, and movies. As you see from her work, nature is her biggest inspiration. Creating art is essential in balancing her everyday life and spiritual happiness. Her favorite place to be creative is outside enjoying a spring morning painting flowers from her own garden or throwing clay vases on her kickwheel in the summer's midday. She invites you to explore her website and welcomes you to leave comments by contacting her.

Commissions Welcome!

Commemorate any event with an original Kim Foster painting! Check out her website for her recent custom work. Kim Foster is well known for her watercolor house portraits. The artist specializes in custom watercolor painting, particularly of historic homes and of architectural landscapes. She captures the vibrant life of the people who live in these houses and is known to paint the owner’s pets into the paintings. Cats can be seen peering out the windows of their owner’s home while dogs lay in the front yards or sleep on the porches. Every painting is saturated with details that make each home unique. Being an avid gardener, the artist enjoys painting the meticulous greenery and flowers in their gardens.


Visit the artist's homepage at www.artbykimfoster.com or email her at "kfoster01@ mac.com"

Visit the artist's website at www.artbykimfoster.com for original watercolors, prints, and notecards.

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