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Art: Expressing the Wonders of the World

The Art I bring you reflects wonderful, beautiful experiences of our world, rapped tightly in the blanket of success. My art reaches out to you and helps you to see the wonders and joys of life, and even the sadness and pains of life. It speaks to you from every angle, bringing you into my world. I am here to help you see and to enjoy with life and this world has to offer us. Join me in this journey of expression, of communication on all levels. Art is a communication tool that is visual and more and as we create we connect to people of all ages, genders, and all walks of life. Communicate with me and share the gift of love through Art Communication... Kelvin gts@gt-success.com

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Take your Art World Wide

Send me your suggestions on how we can share our talents, our time and services to better and enrich each others lives around the globe. Send to: ideas@globe-services.com

Contact Information:
Shaw Marketing International
Kelvin Shaw
5403 Eugenia ct.
Orlando, FL 32811

Work Phone: 407-291-8424
Home Phone: 407-291-8424
E-mail: gts@gt-success.com

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