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Art Arena Gallery provides a comprehensive and varied collection of original Landscapes, Portraits, and Miniatures, by the award winning artist Katy Kianush.
Our Portrait collection includes a varied selection of original paintings covering the range of human emotions, social customs, and living conditions found throughout the world.
From the Far East to the West, our gallery has a unique selection of some of the most beautiful Landscapes available today.
Miniatures are a colourful feature of the gallery, and include stylised and intricate Persian, Chinese and Japanese pen & ink and watercolour paintings.
An interesting feature of the gallery is the Creative Cards section, which provides a personalised greeting card service for all occasions.

Main Show Rooms

Contact Information:

Katy Kianush
16 Crane Furlong
Highworth, Wilts SN6 7JX

Work Phone:
Home Phone: +44 1793 766818
Fax: +44 1793766818
E-mail: katy@art-arena.com

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