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Artist Background

Born into a family with both artistic and engineering backgrounds, Kathleen Whitehorn found it easy to excel in both. But being very individualistic in painting (painting only to her own standards), she opted for science in college and obtained a masters degree in physics from the University of New Orleans. She continued her art education (post high school) through private art lessons and later classes at the Art Students League of Denver and the Foothills Art Center. She has found that her physics background has helped rather that hinder her, especially in analyzing paintings and developing compositions. After spending ten years in engineering Kathleen decided to spend more time painting and working on ways to combine art and science. Lately she has been exploring science topics (such as string theory in particle physics) in her paintings. This is in addition to her landscape paintings and botanical-style wildflower paintings. In all her paintings, Kathleen strives for communicating her joy in exploring the world around her, whether it be the mountains near her house through her landscape and wildflower paintings, or her joy in learning about the universe through her science paintings.

Recent Shows


K. Whitehorn's artwork can be viewed at the Depot Gallery Littleton, CO (starting in Sept. '97); Born Free Gallery in Bergen Park, CO; Spinning Llama in Conifer, CO; and My Place in Kittredge, CO.

Contact Information:
Analytical Arts
Kathleen A Whitehorn
45 Jones Creek Lane
Pine, CO 80470

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 303-838-5021
E-mail: whitehorns@bewellnet.com

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