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The Watercolors of Kathleen McGee

About the Artist

I began painting with oil on canvas in high school. I later switched to acrylics and then to airbrush and photography. A business career put my art on hold. Then, in 1991, I rediscovered my creative "roots" in watercolor. The transparency of watercolor delights me. I love the way colors move and blend into unexpected and pleasant surprises. The capture of light and shadow is continually fascinating.

After living in Hawaii for nearly 20 years, I now reside in Coastal Southern California. My art is focused on the flora and scenery of California, Hawaii, Mexico and the Southwest. A lifelong love of beauty and of nature has translated itself into my paintings and I can see how the facets of my past have been brought together into the expression of my art today.



May 1999
Artistís Studio and Garden Tour

North County, San Diego

October 1999
Watercolor Journeys

Off Track Gallery, Leucadia, CA

Two of Kathleenís paintings have been featured in the North County Times. Her work can currently be seen at the Off-Track Gallery in Leucadia. Kathleenís Carlsbad studio and garden were opened to the public during the 1999 Artistís Studio and Garden Tour, an annual event sponsored by Quail Botanical Gardens and the San Dieguito Art Guild. You are invited to see more of Kathleenís art on her website:

The Watercolors of Kathleen McGee

Contact Information:

Kathleen McGee
PO Box 131262
Carlsbad, CA 92013-1262

Work Phone:
Home Phone: please email
E-mail: kmcgee@watercolor-art.com

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