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FORET, Louisiana Artist

The Essence of Foret

Painting the scenes that surround her, FORET captures life in the old south exactly as it was decades ago. Accompanied by her dog, FORET heads into the wilderness to select the perfect tree stump to serve as her easel. Now, the magnificant colors her surroundings can become the finishing touch to those primitive scenes. Always present are the colors that can only be developed by real life. Her mood music is the sound of birds, small animals and the wind whistling through the trees that have become the walls of her studio. Her faceless images have transcended time-alive today as they were many years ago. One thing is certain, whether you like or dislike her work, it will not leave you emotionless. FORET paints her feelings in colors of the moment that reflect her mood. A true blend of artistic creativity with nature as the model.

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Visit www.artistforet.com. Thank you!

Contact Information:
Louisiana Art by Foret

St. Francisville, LA 70775

Work Phone: 225-635-0125
Home Phone:
E-mail: artistforet@hotmail.com

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