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Artist's Statement

I paint with watermedia, primarily fluid acrylics, in an aqueous manner, sometimes using collage, for landscape and earthforms in both nature oriented and contemporary abstract concepts. My paintings reflect a statement about the subject, not just an image. I paint with reactions to, and emotions about the inter-relatedness of everything in the universe; relationships between peoples, animals, plants and all of nature.

Major juried Exhibitions and Organizations

Awards and Honors

Recently, I have won the Grumbacher Gold Medallion from the National Collage Society, an Award of Excellence from the Ohio Watercolor Society, and my work is included in several books, including the revised Exploring Color by Nita Leland, Creative Collage Techniques by N. Leland and V.L. Williams, and The Best of Watercolor 2, selected by Schlemm and Webster. For more info, check out http://conk.com/netroamer/nrsite/users/karenb/

Contact Information:
Benedetti Studio
Karen Becker Benedetti
2258 Millwood Road
Kettering, OH 45440-2708

Work Phone: 937-435-0504
Home Phone: 937-435-0504
E-mail: karenb@erinet.com

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