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My Studio-Florida: St. Petersburg and Seminole

Karen Mitchell-ARTIST and WRITER

Karen Mitchell was born and raised in the Tennessee Valley, at the foot of Lookout Moutain. This environment surrounded her with dramatic scenes or nature juxtaposed against backdrops of steel mills, workers and large farming communities. An incredible amount of history is entrenced in the soil. The American Civil War was founght just over one hundred years i the backyard she grew up on. Today the scars of this war are covered with the fragrant blossoms of pink dogwood and white magnolia blossoms.

Mitchell's works primarily in watercolor and acrylics in a naturalistic style with a touch of Impressionism. Mitchell has also written her first novel, "In Lily Shadows" c. Her second novel, "Chinook Winds" c. is well under way.

The most important element that influences Mitchell's work whether painting or writing is her love for nature. The natually abtract qualities of light and shadow, the reflections that add movement to her paintings. Karen's deep devotion to our Mother Earth flows through every stroke of paint and every word written. This was the love that began when she was just a young girl growing up on a blue misted mountain.

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Paintings and Written Work

Paintings: Mitchell works full-time in her studio "My Studio-Florida" in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Studio space donated by Risser Oil.
Internationally shown with works in private collections in Greece, Italy, Canada, Ireland and the USA.
In St. Petersburg, Mitchell received the "Beautification Award for ST. Petersburg for one of her mural, "Spirit of Baseball" (100' x 30').
Another mural on Florida's Endangered species is located in Seminole, Fl.(180' x 50')
For more information contact Mitchell at My Studio Florida-813-394-arts, mystudio@earthlink.net
Written Work: Mitchell has just completed writing her first novel, "In Lily Shadows", excerpts can be read at: http://www.geocities.com/~mystudio/lily.htm

Contact Information:
My Studio-Florida-St. Petersburg-Seminole
Karen Elizabeth AdcoxMitchell
6295 Central Avenue
ST. PETERSBURG, Fl 33710-8431

Work Phone: 813-394-ARTS
Home Phone: 813-394-ARTS
Fax: 813-394-ARTS
E-mail: mystudio@earthlink

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