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Karel Sloane has over 22 years of artistic experience. Her specialty is mixing various artistic disiplines with science and social studies. She has created two films which both blend together several media, including painting, computer art, photography and Shakespeare and address youth violence. These films have a companion classroom package in order to provide opportunities to discuss solutions for this growing, difficult to talk about problem.

Available for Classrooms

We Need To Talk

Other internet sites : www.imaginenews.com/Archive/2001/Jun_2001/Text/DEPT05.htm digitaloverdose.org/shadow_.005.htm-6k lists.indymedia.org/mailman/public/imc-video/2001-May/000385.html***** J CAESAR represents an initative to present cycles of isolation, and, the effects of these cycles on both an individual and an institutional level. J CAESAR explores how individuals themselves can address cycles of violence, and formulate solutions to end them.J CAESAR is an experiment in cultural unification, which explores community and ways art can close gaps. By mixing Shakespeare with Hip-Hop culture like a painter mixes paint to create a new picture, J CAESAR provides both an opportunity to view each art form in a new light, and create new approaches for solving social isolation created by marginalization, segregation and cultural fragmentation. The film was shot on location in New Haven,Connecticut. Many of the actors in the film know first hand what it's like to face violence on the street, at home and in their schools.

Contact Information:
A d a s t r a P r o d u c t i o n s
Karel Sloane
325 1/2 South Olympia Street
New Orleans, LA 70119-5821

Work Phone: (504) 482 - 3850
Home Phone: (504) 482- 3850
E-mail: adastra_06511@yahoo.com

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