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Floral watercolor paintings

I'm a watercolorist from Stockholm, Sweden. I exhibit regularly my paintings with motifs from the fauna and flora in galleries in Stockholm and other places in Sweden. I have developed a method to loosen up my work which can result in the purity and simplicity essential to good watercolors. Most of my watercolors are examples of wet-into-wet-technique which involves painting on damp paper and letting colors run into another and blend. It is of course used in conjunction with other techniques as well. Besides watercolors and waterbased media, I like to experiment with pixel art. I work to develop my own style using a combination of scanned paintings and design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I create postcards both the digital way and with the use of watercolors or gouache. If you have comments or would like to see or purchase my work, please, send an e-mail. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Go to Art Rose Gallery: http://www.juneart.nu

Contact Information:
Art Rose Gallery
June Rydgren
Pargasgatan 21
Kista, Swede SE 164 71

Work Phone: +46 8 444 88 98
Home Phone: +46 8 444 88 98
E-mail: june@junemedia.com

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