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Brushworks by Judi Ann Hostetter

Brushworks by Judi Ann Hostetter

Judi Ann Hostetter is a full-time artist and instructor working from her studio, Brushworks, in Harrison, TN. Her paintings are the result of an inner drive to express herself creatively and artistically. She states..."My desire is to record bits of this wonderfully marvelous planet we live on because I am so deeply moved by the wonder of it all." She is a colorist and a keen observer of human nature, an ability translated by subtle details in her watercolor paintings. She also works in oil, is a muralist, serves as an art judge and is a workshop teacher. Her work has garnered numerous awards, including Gold medals, purchase awards and Best of Show. She was one of three artists chosen, worldwide, for a nine month Artist Residency in New England. She is currenly showing in several galleries. She also has paintings featured periodically on E-Bay.


Her work can currently be seen online at: www.mountaingallery.com. When web site is reached, click on Our Artists link, when the list comes up scroll down to her hame, click and 30 images in three galleries can be viewed.

Contact Information:
Judi Ann Hostetter
8730 Hidden Branches Road
Harrison, TN 37341

Work Phone: (423) 344-7102
Home Phone: (423) 344-7102
Fax: (423) 344-1374
E-mail: Degasme@aol.com

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