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Joy Skinner


Coming from an extreme climate, one finds that their mood is often dictated by the weather. As a result, my paintings are inspired by thoughts of the warmer months, visions of abounding colors, and the smells of nature that are so welcome during the summer. At first controlling the pigment was a feat I thought Id never accomplish but the perfectionist in me demanded that Id not be happy until Id somewhat mastered the transparency of watercolors that others so beautifully have. Painting very quickly went from being a hobby to a passion. I am fascinated by color, and the vision of light dancing on otherwise inanimate objects, seemingly bringing them to life. I try to convey this excitement through my work with hopes that it adds a bit of color to what otherwise may seem a drab world. My formal education is as an accountant and I found that I was at a time in my life where I was looking for a direction, a place that I could escape to from the trials and demands of everyday living. Painting gave me that diversion, and so much more.



AboutWatercolors is a site that has a little bit for everyone. Youll find my original watercolor paintings, prints that are for sale, watercolor tips and tutorials for beginners, step by step demonstrations for the more experienced painters, links to online lessons offered, and much more. I hope you enjoy surfing the site as much as I have enjoyed surfing others while I was putting it together.

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Joy Skinner

Brandon, MB

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E-mail: joyskinner@westman.wave.ca

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