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Color and ligth living in the artist´s mind

Watercolor creative spontaneity

Creativity has to exist if you want to fallow the flow in watercolor your maind has to be free and open to express in a language make of water, color and the light of the white paper your inner most feelings. Today there is e lot of forms of expresion in the visual arts. In the last grate exhibitions of contemporary art as the Biannul of Venece,Documenta XI or the last exhibitions of the Contemporay Art Museums the proposal has been to show only one part of the reality. The brutality among the human family, the grotesque,or the dark side of sex, among other things. I want to express trough watercolor the other part of reality. This short minuts of joy and plenitude which evendough I experience them for some seconds they are very powerful. I want to change the popular view of Watercolor as a very weak medium which only can be use in "landscapes" In watercolor can be expresed strong dramatic feelings as well as joyful ones.


Color and light as a dinamic way to expresion

I, both trough realistic and trough abstract imagery try to present the positive interpretation of life. The optimistic expression is further enhanced by the positive, empowering use of color in my canvases. The dance of life full of the Spitit breath in nature an in my most inner Self.

Contact Information:

Josefina Aguirre
Río papaloapan 235, Lomas primera sección
San Luis Potosí S.L.P., Mexic 78210

Work Phone: 5244 48 13 10 05
Home Phone:
Fax: 5244 48 131005
E-mail: jaguirreldeb@att.net.mx

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