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I'm always amazed to see all the beautiful things that surrounds me, however great or small. It has always been my desire to capture the freshness and beauty and preserve them, that I maybe able to share my visions of them to others. However the real purpose of my art is to waken up viewer's awareness that these God-given beauties are being destroyed, desecrated and vanished. To their destruction, I'm utterly appaled. My feeble attempt to record their existence for the beings in the future is but a wish, a dream. I know that I'm not alone for anybody who'll understand my art will be on my side! Come let me make you see their beauty, and let me convince you, that our effort can make them continue their existence with bliss!

Please visit my site at http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/2059

In parting....

........ I hope that I have made my purpose clear to you. That they are beautiful, peaceful and they are there for us. They have as much rights as we do to exist thus, we should allow them to exist if not for us, then for the future generation. Thank you!

Contact Information:

Jose Libres Librodo
Soi 22, Ramkamhaeng Rd. Huamark
Bangkok, Thailand, 10240

Work Phone: (662) 318-7140
Home Phone: (662) 518-0320
Fax: (662) 318-0536
E-mail: boboy@samart.co.th

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