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Jose Javier Cabello - Virtual Gallery

Emerging artist born in 1963 in Canary Islands. Art Lover lifelong who begun painting in 1998 after studying and observing thoroughly other artists. My web page is a sample of my vision of the world, allways changing, trying different styles of color, composition, brush strokes... I donīt think to have a defined or clear style. I choose acrylics because I think itīs the best medium in painting. I think that the visitor will find my site easy to surf, very detailed paintings with special emphasis in the painting itself, thatīs what I pretend. I havenīt a special predilection on any subject in particular, I like painting about everything, landscape, portrait... In my site I also include some pages about other sites to promote arts in anyway. I always try to update permanently with new paintings.

Contact Information:
Jose Javier Cabello
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Canary Islands, Spain,

Work Phone:
Home Phone:
E-mail: jjcabello@terra.es

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