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Artist John V. Chin

John Chin, a genuine artist with an inventive personality, is interested in the well-being of the society and showing his preoccupation with the environmental issues in a profoundly personal way. He is an engaged artist, tackling and taking position in front of the most concerning themes facing mankind today: our encroached and fast disappearing natural heritage in Borneo. Married with three children, he now resides in Canada, painting the prestine beauty of another kind of landscape almost entirely different from his home-land. His works which consist of mostly water colour, are constantly evolving as he continues to experiment with composition and colour. John expresses the subtle as well as dramatic changing colours and moods of the Western Canadian landscape in this wonderful medium.

Background of Artist John V. Chin

To view his art work, please click here: www.picturetrail.com/jcgallery

And please drop me a line : jvchin2001@yahoo.com Thank you!

Contact Information:

John V Chin
Box 74,
Strongfield, SK S0H 3Z0

Work Phone: 306-857-2010
Home Phone: 306-857-2010
Fax: 306-857-2010
E-mail: jvchin2001@yahoo.com

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