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Watercolor for Absolute Beginners - New York City

Take the pain out of painting!

Most watercolor classes set up a still life and tell students to start painting. That's fine, but it doesn't answer the dozens of questions beginners have about how to use watercolors. (Tube or pan paint? What kind of paper? Which brushes are best? Damp paper or dry?) Watercolor for Absolute Beginners is different...it's designed from the start to "build in" success, with the right paper, paints, brushes, simple exercises, and patient instruction.

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Please visit http://www.watercolor.joanweb.com for full details and sign-up information.

Contact Information:
Watercolor for Absolute Beginners
Joan Iaconetti
Village area
New York, NY 10003

Work Phone: 212-254-9311
Home Phone: 212-254-9311
E-mail: watercolor-class@earthlink.net

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