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Jo Simpson


A native of Idaho, Jo finds inspiration for her paintings in the dramatic and beautiful scenery of north Idaho. She graduated from the University of Idaho and continues learning from workshops. Jo is a member of the Idaho Watercolor Society, the Spokane Watercolor Society, and a signature member of the Montana Watercolor Society. Her paintings may be seen at the Douglas Gallery in Spokane, Washington.

"For me the foundation of art lies between realism and abstract art. My painting reflects a flavor of both. I have always had a fascination with the aspect of art which interprets and expresses the 'spirit of nature'. My paintings are a result of my love of color, texture and excitement of discovery. I am currently involved with watermedia and multi-media incorporating acrylic, watercolor, colored inks and collage. This allows for freedom that is refreshingly different."

Contact Information:

Jo Simpson

Coeur d'Alene , ID 83814

Work Phone: 208-664-9442
Home Phone: 208-664-9442
E-mail: Rubydog@aol.com

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