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Looking for excitement after 13 years of controlled and detailed oil painting. A two hour watercolor class, in 1982, turned the direction of my life. I was hooked the first brush load of color applied to white paper. I painted everyday if only for 15 minutes. In 1983, I was ask to teach at the The Garden & Arts Center, and have taught the excitement of watercolor to anyone willing to pick up a brush. Teaching was not on my to do list like laundry, cleaning and shopping. I am very thankful for those who had more confidence in my painting and teaching skills than I did. If I had the names of those first brave or naive students, I would either appoligize, offer a free workshop or return their money. Teaching has been an amazing journey that I would have missed had I said 'no'. I am self taught with the exception of some learning workshops. I owe my students a great deal, for they have been my teachers. Won a few awards, held just about every office in the watercolor society, sold some paintings, but my first love is teaching those who want to wet a brush.


Galleries and Links

The Country Framer www.fineartgalleries.net Folger Gallery www.folgergallery.net Cloudcroft Gallery and Gifts www.Cloudcroft-Gallery.com www.pastelportraits.net www.watercolor-online.com

Contact Information:
Gilliam Gallery
JoBeth Gilliam
4610 81st
Lubbock, TX 79424

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 806 799 4474
Fax: 806 795 5676
E-mail: jobeth930@yahoo.com

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