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Artist's Statement

I have a passion for color, which is reflected in my exploration of landscapes and earth forms. The fluid nature of watercolor allows me to capture the vibrancy and immediacy of the moment, whether painting on location or in the studio. Oils, on the other hand, provide a depth and richness of colors that resonate with the viewer. My paintings are figurative but detail is secondary. I approach each painting on an emotional level, selecting the medium that best allows for evoking a similar response in the painting. I am most inspired by the works of J.W. Turner, Percy Gray, Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth all of whom painted exceptionally expressive landscapes in both watercolor and oils. A Southern California resident for the past 30 years, I completed my fine art training at El Camino College and California State University Fullerton (BFA 1976) and continued on to graduate school in Landscape Architecture at California State University Pomona. After a long absence, I returned to painting in 1997 spurred by of my lifelong interest in art and my expanding personal collection of historical and contemporary landscape paintings. I enjoy the stimulation of participating in painting workshops to expand my skills and perceptions, as well as the interaction with other artists.


Contact Information:

James A Draughon
9832 Briley Way
Villa Park, CA 92861

Work Phone: (714) 282-7501
Home Phone: (714) 282-7501
E-mail: jadraughon@aol.com

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