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...Using My Imagination...

Recently (within the past six months) I decided to try watercolor painting...the free-flow color and free-form attracted me and something was calling me to it. So, I tried a little painting on my own and liked what I did. After adding some good paper and decent paints, I continue to enjoy using my imagination in this way.

Paintings So Far Include:

...Enjoying Using My Imagination...

I have now joined an all-levels watercolor painting class. For the past three months, I am beginning to learn some technique, which reduces the "fear." I have painted a few new things lately, mostly landscapes with water...on the smaller scale...but they make me smile...and I enjoy making cards for my friends and family...

Contact Information:

J Knight
121 S.W. Morrison, #1000
Portland, OR 97204

Work Phone: 503-318-1245
Home Phone: 503-318-1245
Fax: 503-274-7449
E-mail: jkx2@teleport.com

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