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Whimsical Island Art

Hawaii artist Holly Kitaura has captured the essence of hula and Hawaii in an explosion of color and whimsy.

A brand new box of crayons and some clean white paper are often a child's first tools of creative self-expression.As a child, Holly first painted with mercurochrome from the medicine cabinet, then graduated to crayons and colored pencils.
Holly Kitaura grew up in Massachusetts, but found her paradise at the age of seventeen during a vacation to Hawaii.  The natural beauty inspired her to paint the colors of the rainbow and capture a whimsical view of life in the Hawaiian islands.
Although never formally trained, Holly has grown into a unique style of painting and remains passionate about her lifelong love with creating art. Each of Holly's works expresses her vibrant fun-loving disposition and her extraordinary vision of the world. Whether she is utilizing watercolors, ink, acrylics, enamel, or shimmering metallic auto paint.
Today Holly resides in Manoa Valley with her family and works from her open air studio in the rainforest. Her original art and prints are exhibited in many galleries  across the Hawaiian islands.

To view all of my images, please check out my website at www.hollyvision.biz

Contact Information:

Holly Kitaura
47-653 Kam. Hwy
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 808-239-2992
E-mail: holly@hollyvision.biz

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