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Helena Strongov practiced watercolor techniques for five years (l980-l984) at Galina's studio, in São Paulo, Brazil. She also took the "Spring Summer Course" in watercolor in 1984 at the "Art League School" (Torpedo Fatory), Alexandria, Va., USA, under the guidance of Margaret Alderson. She enjoys working with wet on wet, although at time she uses a dry-brush realist watercolor method. Helena's work are included in private collections in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan. She has been exhibiting her works mainly in Brazil. You may see some of them accessing: www.helstrongov@bccafe.com.br or http://heastro.sites.uol.com.br

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Contact Information:
Strongov, Helena
Helena A Strongov

Santos, SP

Work Phone: 55 (13) 3284-317
Home Phone: 55 (13) 3286-286
E-mail: heastro@uol.com.br

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