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Helena Anderson's Mystical Watercolors

My work is concerned with the spiritual, and how it impacts our daily lives. My work conveys the sense of yearning that comes from spiritual beings living in a physical world. My inspiration springs from mythology, legend and the subconscious. I have been most recently been working with the Qabala (ancient Hebrew mysticism) and angelic forms. I frequently feel that my paintings are links to other worlds that are trying to communicate with this world. Color and form are most important to me, especially when working in a representational format. I utilize pattern and serial imagery to tell stories about things that can not be expressed verbally. I use watercolor as a medium because of its fluidity and ability to create transparent layers which can make the surface on which it is painted appear to glow. I use a personalized symbology that springs from my dreams, everyday life, and my interest in the esoteric.

Selected Exhibitions

My Online Gallery

Please visit my online gallery at: http://www.sacredwheel.org/helena/hda.html

Contact Information:

Helena D Anderson
207C3 David Drive
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Work Phone: 610-520-0740
Home Phone: 610-520-0740
E-mail: Helenabean@aol.com

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