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Helen is an illustrator, watercolor artist, photography teacher and portrait artist. She drew pictures almost constantly as a youngster. Following high school, she attended the School of Fine Arts for two years and subsequently studied Engineering at Havana University. As a young student, she worked as an Illustrator and Technical Artist.   Since graduating, Helen employed her engineering knowledge to good use while working as Engineering Designer in various Architectural and Engineering companies. Strange as it may seem, an engineering background is extremely helpful to someone who does portraitures and paints in watercolors. In engineering, you learn to think and plan in an orderly fashion, with great attention to details. Executing good works of art requires a great deal of planning. Engineering also provides training on the drafter’s drawing board.   Her photography experience was extremely helpful once she started to paint in watercolor. Photography has been a semi-professional hobby for many years. She taught Photography as an Art at the American School of Madrid, Spain.  With an exciting blend of technical expertise and a passion for details, Helen creates sensual and dramatic botanical images, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. The realistic images are many-layered; from decorative to symbolic and contemplative.

To view artwork online or for more information about workshops and classes, please visit the artist's website at www.cadwellgallery.com

Contact Information:

Helen Cadwell
PO Box 429
Killarney, FL 34740

Work Phone: 407-654-0978
Home Phone: 407-654-0978
Fax: 407-654-0978
E-mail: hcadwell@cfl.rr.com

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