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Berlin views of town and surrealistic pi

Heinz Sterzenbach is a german artist who lives and works in Berlin. His Online-Gallerie shows 300 "Views of Berlin". The pictures are originals and in different mediums: etchings / watercolor and oil on canvas. In the gallery you`ll also find a catalogue with 200 surrealistic pictures in various mediums (oil on canvas, mixed media, acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor, etc.). The E-shop enables you to purchase original works of the artist.

Berlin views

Heinz Sterzenbach shows in his Online-Galerie 300 "views of Berlin" (etchings, watercolors and oil on canvas), as 200 surrealistic images (mixed media, oil on canvas etc.). The artist lives and works in Berlin. The pictures are to purchase in the e-shop or per email. In the event-database you can see the current exhibitions of the artist and the Arbeitsgruppe Berliner Architekturmaler.

Contact Information:
Atelier & Galerie Alt-Heiligensee
Heinz Sterzenbach
In den Schifferbergen 27
Berlin, D- 13505

Work Phone: +493043400470
Home Phone: +491724326322
Fax: +493043400471
E-mail: heinz@sterzenbach.de

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