Watercolor Online

Heidi Barnett


Original Watercolor Paintings by Heidi Barnett

Paintings can be viewed at http://www.aroundkitsap.net/
Details and ordering information also available at our website.

About the Artist:
Kitsap Artist, Heidi Barnett, has discovered the uncontrollable nature of transparent watercolor.  Being new to painting has the advantage of experimental freedom which shows in her varied subjects and techniques.  The paintings on Around Kitsap are her debut to encourage all our local Kitsap artists, new and experienced to share their artwork. 

 Here are some direct links to the paintings. 

  1. Koi Pond  -   http://www.aroundkitsap.net/detail.asp?id=451
  2. Mt Rainier  -   http://www.aroundkitsap.net/detail.asp?id=439
  3. Closeup Flower  -   http://www.aroundkitsap.net/detail.asp?id=448
  4. Rusty Truck  -   http://www.aroundkitsap.net/detail.asp?id=445

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Heidi Barnett

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