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Harriet Jameson Pellizzari

Harriet was born 1954 in Bearsden Glasgow Scotland of a scottish father and Austrian mother. She studied art as a main subject at Westbourne School for Girls and Graphic Design at Michaelis School of Art at Cape Town University. She has many exhibitions in Cape Town, Innsbruck, Mieming Plateau, Burgenland as well as long term exhibits in famous restaurants as the late Professor Barnard`s La Vita, Spargies, Stellenbosch Hydro Wellness Hotel and the elegant Burgenstube in Axams Austria. Harriet does interior design for home, hotel and restaurants. She often includes a mural in her decor. She cuts glass and is happy to make lamp shades and glasswork, commission murals orportraits of your house, friends or animals or all three by order.

Present work

Harriet Jameson Pellizzari

Harriet has great pleasure in opening her page and would love to have your comments and orders for new and existing work. Please reply to harrietsdesign@aon.at Have a look on site - http://harrietsdesigns.netfirms.com http://harrietsdesign.netfirms.com http://www.erhomes.com/safrica7.htm I would love your comments please! Commission work wanted. Portraits of your favorite person, pet or building made to order by sending a photo welcome. ART COURSES OFFERED - contact me to start in June 2001.

Contact Information:
Harriet`s Designcc
Harriet Jameson Pellizzari
Angerweg 4b Tabland
Mieming Plateau, Tirol 6414

Work Phone: 004352646358
Home Phone: 06767455854
Fax: 00435264 6358
E-mail: harrietsdesign@hotmail.com

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