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Biography of Gregory Effinger

Watercolorist, Artist, Illustrator, Gregory Effinger was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1973. As a young artist he avidly delved into may artistic mediums to discover his favorites. Now, he professionally paints realism in both Watercolor and Oil. His subjects are a mixture between the traditional landscapes and the contemporary activities that make destinations special. In Colorado, these subjects range from cross-country skiing and ballooning to ranching and horseback riding. In Mexico he paints churches, people and architecture. Greg is exclusively represented, in Colorado, by the Wild Horse Gallery of Steamboat Springs, and is currently ready to take on the responsibilities of representation from other galleries. Gregory has won many awards in art, including many during his schooling. College scholarships brought him into Communication Arts and Illustration, and he operates an Advertising Firm in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where his illustrations sell nationwide. Greg has taken workshops by renowned watercolorists and oil painters including, Joel Johnson, Richard Galusha, OPA and Clyde Aspivig, OPA. Although influenced by many, he still creates original work that is noticeably his own. Gregory is a disciplined, full-time artist. He understands the business of being an artist, and his work is complimented by his professionalism. His age contradicts his experience and his artwork is beginning to be noticed by art collectors. He has only, on a limited basis, made reproductions of his gallery art. Gregory also aids in the promotion of his work by co-oping advertising and including gallery information on his multiple web sites.


Other sources of my work:

Visit the following addresses to see more of my work: www.wildhorsegallery.com , www.cigargraphics.com/portfolio.htm, www.nmso.org, and www.cigargraphics.com

Contact Information:
CIGAR Graphics & Communications, Inc.
Gregory Effinger
1625 Mid Valley Dr. #1, Ste. #104
Steamboat Springs, CO, CO 80487

Work Phone: 970-846-8008
Home Phone: 970-870-8008
Fax: 970-871-0226
E-mail: greg@cigargraphics.com

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