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Goetia - The Erotopia Series

Being his most important work up to now, EROTOPIA series by Adriano Monteiro brings together surrealism and eroticism (eroto-surrealism), saturnine and lunar magic, and world-wide mythology elements, going to recreating in this way the "childish" fairytales into a non-childish, bizarre, sinister and, even, more beautiful and more "real" manner.


Surrealism, eroto-surrealism, bizarrism, gothicism, visionary art and magic themes works, works and original art made to order, painting portraits with/without surrealism, illustrations (CD's, books, magazines), etc. GOETIA FINE ART by Adriano Monteiro. See it at: www.goetia-fine-art.com.br

Contact Information:
Goetia Fine Art
GoetiaFineArt Adriano Monteiro
Thomas A. Gonzaga, 151
SBCampo, SP 09850-210

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 4355-7998
E-mail: goetiafineart@hotmail.com

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