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I dedicate this page to anyone and everyone who ever wanted to be "creative!" I was born in Brooklyn, New York with a paintbrush in my hand (left), at least that's what I believe! I will show a picture here, that I drew and colored when I was 4 years old. I believe anyone that has a desire to be creative, "CAN BE!" I have never had any formal training in art, all I ever had was a desire to draw and be creative! When someone says they can't draw a straight line, it makes me laugh!!! How often I see a painting with nary one straight line in it! You don't have to draw a straight line to be creative. You simply have to allow your imagination to rule, temporarily, while you allow the creativity to pour out on your paper or canvas. What a surprise you will be in store for. I promise you, if you truly have the desire to create, YOU WILL do just that!

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In conclusion...........

I would not only love to share my work with others, but I would like to be of some inspiration to others who are open mined and daring enough to experiment with a little paint and a few brushes. If you only enjoy doing it, and that's all, you will have taken a very big step up to bigger and better things for just having tried!!! Why not give it a shot??? GG :o)

Contact Information:
Globo Fine Art
Gloria Gilbert

Los Angeles, Ca

Work Phone: 323-931-7551
Home Phone: same as below
E-mail: GGeyeGG@aol.com

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