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my watercoloring started some nine years ago here in Antwerp, Belgium where I work and live. The transparency, the looseness and the comfort of only needing paint, water and paper seduced me to start with this medium. I have participated in several workshops, had a few one-woman's shows as well as group exhibitions. Now I am teaching watercolors to beginners. My works are mostly expressionistic and I often make profit on accidental brushstrokes and flows of the paint. Watercoloring is exceptionally exiting.

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my own watercolor website

my own watercolor website can be visited at www.gilbertevermeulen.bewoner.antwerpen.be My guestbook is open for comments. Thank you

Contact Information:

Gilberte Vermeulen
E. De Coussemakerstraat 3/8
Antwerp, Belgium, 2050

Work Phone: 03/219.50.30
Home Phone:
E-mail: Gilberte.Vermeulen@antwerpen.be

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