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George Shedd

Contemporary Watercolor Impressionist

George has always been drawn to interesting old buildings, railroad stations, old churches, fishing shacks, gingerbread victorians. A play of light and shadows, a drizzle of rain or curtain of fog, or a splash of colorful flowers help soften the angularity of his subjects. An early interest in comic strips lead to an apprentiship with Al Capp's "LIL' Abner", then the publication of his own adventure strip "Marlin Keel" which was syndicted coast to coast. The experience helped him perfect his drafsmanship and imaginative skills. Exchaning pen and ink for a paintbrush, he resumed his art school talent for watercolor. While working in commercial art to support his family, he began to win prizes in Boston and national shows in New York. He achieved membership in the American Watercolor Society and began teaching watercolor which he is still doing and painting for the galleries.

Member of the following

Other Achievements

His paintings have been on the cover of "Yankee" magazines Was featured on the watercolor page of "American Artist" Was the solo juror and judge for: The Pittsburgh, PA Watercolor Society, The Southern Watercolor Society, The Watercolor Society of Alabama. To view his painting for sale go to www.sheddwatercolors.com

Contact Information:

George Shedd
46 Paulson Dr.
Burlington, MA 01803

Work Phone: 781-272-2012
Home Phone:
E-mail: geoshedd@cs.com

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